Lessons for my daughter

I know it has been a bit since I’ve posted anything.  I have to try and get better at this and not let life get in the way.  That being said, I just read this blog post yesterday, Lindsey Mead Russell: 10 Things I Want My Daughter To Know Before She Turns 10, and it struck a chord with me especially since I have a 10 month old daughter.  I certainly agree with most of it (not sure about how #10 starts out) but as the mother of a Latina/SalvaRican baby, I think I need to add a few more.  Here are my additions to Russell’s list.

11.  Be proud of how you are and where you come from. Your maternal great-grandfather was a migrant farm worker from Puerto Rico (yes those do exist).  Your paternal parents came to this country from El Salvador without papers to give your dad the best shot at making it.  Be proud of that.  Do not let anyone tell you that you are less American because your family didn’t get here on the Mayflower.

12. Believe in your intelligence and don’t be afraid to show it.  Beauty fades much earlier than brain function.  While it is important to take care of your outside, take care of your inside and let others see that you do.  Read a lot.  Learn a lot.  And paraphrasing my friend’s favorite movie quote, don’t ever let anyone put Baby in a corner.

13.  Learn Spanish (and maybe even a third language).  Communicating with others is essential in this world.  It is especially important to communicate with your family.  I want you to be able to talk to your great grandma and grandparents in their language.  Sounds silly but you will appreciate it later on.

I’m sure I’ll add more to this list but if you have any that you want to share, please post in the comments section.



1 thought on “Lessons for my daughter

  1. I love your additional points Liany! I would add, never shrink yourself to make others feel good about themselves. Be confident, but not arrogant, humble, but not submissive.

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