Why I voted

I love Election Day in this country.  No matter which party you align yourself with, folks are filled with excitement because today is a day of possibility.  The possibility that your party will be in the White House or the State House.  The possibility that the issues you care about will be resolved in the way you want them to be.  While I am all for early voting, for me there is nothing more exciting than waking up early and standing in line with others to vote today.  And many of us did.

The line at my polling station was two hours long.  No one was complaining though.  There were old people, young people, first time voters, and children.  They were all there to make sure their voices were heard and for many of us parents, to make sure our children saw us vote so they could understand the importance of doing so.  So why did I vote?  Here is my list.

1) I voted because I want our country to move FORWARD not backwards.

2) I voted because I want to make decisions about my uterus and I want my daughter to be able to make decisions about hers.

3) I voted because I want the MD Dreamers to have a chance at a prosperous life.  

4) I voted because I want all individuals to be able to MARRY who they want.

5) I voted because I believe ALL children deserve a shot at achieving the American Dream no matter where they live or who their parents are.

6) I voted because I CAN!  Too many people fought hard to ensure that I had the right to.  I don’t want to let them down.

7) I voted for those that can’t because they are children, they are immigrants, or they lost their right to vote due to a jacked up justice system.

8) Lastly, I voted for her!



I want to make sure she grows up in a world where she knows she is valued as a woman and as a Latina. A world that allows her to make her own decisions about her body.  A world that doesn’t limit her.

Why did you vote?


1 thought on “Why I voted

  1. Girlfriend, I think I feel a tear coming on! I voted for the same reasons. I also voted to remind our politicos that Latinos have a voice, that we will not be ignored, and that our priorities and agenda items deserve a place in the mainstream.

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