Really? What is wrong with saying vagina?

I grew up calling vaginas a host of names.  Some were in Spanish and a few were in English.  I won’t write them because most of them are considered obscene and one was even made up.  (Chakawaka, anyone?)  In my defense, I thought my Polish/European aunt was teaching me some Polish slang.  Too bad I didn’t know it was made up until I went to college.  It would’ve save me a very embarrassing moment.

Back to my point.  Needless to say, most folks, including my own family, get all crazy and conservative when it comes to teaching children the proper name of female and male genitalia.  But why?  I still can’t figure it out.

In my family, we can tell some naughty jokes and kid around about sex but saying the proper name of your genitalia is viewed in poor taste.  Frankly, folks need to get over it.  I have a little girl and she will most certainly learn the correct anatomical name for her lady bits.  I think it will empower her and I hope also teach her that her body is not something to be ashamed of.  But really, I don’t want her to be a 20 year old calling her vagina a Chakawaka and thinking that folks outside her family actually know what that means.

Michigan State Rep Barred From Speaking After ‘Vagina’ Comments : The Two-Way : NPR.


1 thought on “Really? What is wrong with saying vagina?

  1. Hysterical, especially because I’m part of that family where the term ‘chakawaka’ was coined.
    I have daughters too and we are very open about the menstruation cycle, body parts and other things. I do explain that their vagina is like a treasure chest and they only have one treasure chest. They need to respect it and keep it safe. I think it’s a good analogy to use to teach young women about respecting their bodies. Maybe you can use it with your daughter some day 🙂

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